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UI/UX - Mobile Application Design



Trive ( Assistance for Bikers). The word assistance says the whole purpose of the app.It will help them in planning their trip with stay, food and will also help them with finding best routes, fuel stations, garage, and essentials. Other than planning it will also show the destinations that you can visit, whether it be a short ride or long ride, you just have to select your city and all the options will popup on your screen.


The app will provide all the necessary information about the route like which alternative road you can use or how many toll stations are there and it will also suggest where you can have your halt and all refreshment. The app

will also show your bike riding statistics.

Check the video below to get the idea about the application.



This app is basically designed for the parents in the context of students who have just passed on their 12std. Parents want their child to become a doctor or engineer,but the child wants to become something else. Their parents force them to choose the career that they wish for but the child is not happy with the decision. Solution of this problem is that we have to break the stereotypical mindset of the parents by making them aware about other fields.

The main function of this application is to spread awareness about other fields rather than engineering and medical.



Unicell is a mobile manufacturer and its unique ability is that you can create your own phone the way you want. The application is all about how step by step you can build your own phone to your priority.


You must have a look at the prototyping video the application

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